Hand Crafted Footstools by Florence Anne.

Abraham Moon Threshfield Agate FootstoolBraemar Oatmeal Small FootstoolHere at Florence Anne Footstools we create only classic footstools using only the finest fabrics.

A footstool is the perfect addition to any home, a stunning piece of furniture that will last a lifetime.  Our footstools are all handmade using Abraham Moon’s collection of Plaid and Herringbone the fabric is made at the Abraham Moon Mill in Guiseley which is Great Britain’s last remaining vertical wollen mill meaning they are one of a few who continue to complete all the process on site, from receiving the raw wool, dyeing, blending, carding, spinning yarn, warping, weaving scouring, milling and finishing.

Raw Wool – Is delivered to the Mill, the wool is predominately from South Africa and New Zealand.  The wool is only brought from proven sources, as sheep reared on a different diet can affect the quality of the wool.

The Dye House – This is where the wool is dyed using precise combinations of dye, pressure and time.

Blending – The secret to creating beautifully rich colour is in the blend. Up to 7 different coloured wools can go into the recipe for each yarn to create the finished colour. This is what gives Tweeds, Heathers and Plaids their uniquely rich texture.

Carding – The essential part in producing soft, smooth fabrics.

Spinning Yarn – The rich web of coloured wools is then spun onto a huge range of amazing yarns.

Warping – The cones of yarn are wound over a drum which is known as a swift or mill.

Weaving – This is where many different yarn are woven together in intricate weaves to create stunning fabrics.

Scouring,Milling and Finishing – After weaving the fabric is scoured (washed), all oils that were used to aid manufacturer of the fabric are removed and fire retardants and water resist treatments can be added onto the fabric.  This is when the wonderful and luxurious feels starts to become apparent. Each length of fabric is carefully pressed using steam  and specialised equipment to remove shrinkage, thus completing the creation of the fabric.

Our footstools come in 4 standard sizes, although we carry out types of bespoke work.

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