Hand Carved Queen Anne Legs

Here at Florence Anne Footstools we love Queen Anne Legs, we  feel it gives our footstools a truly classic look.

Our legs are all hand carved and made from prime quality Beech which is the highest quality timber.  Our legs come with Dowel screws and are screwed into all our footstools.

Screwed in legs are so much better for your footstool than glueing ( I am not a fan of glueing your legs on), if anything was to ever happen and one of your legs did get damaged it is so much simpler to unscrew a leg and replace it rather than having to replace your whole footstool.

Our legs can be stained to your preference in either a clear varnish or a satin walnut, when I am designing a footstool I go with what looks  best with the fabric I am working with, some customers like the colour of the legs to go with other furniture in their living rooms.

Our legs come in 3 main sizes 6″, 9″ or 12″ the height you want your footstool to be can depend on the height of your sofa if it is low or high and how elevated you want your legs to be.

Thank you.

Tracey Anne


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